Congratulations to the Winners!

The votes are in and the winners have been declared!

Congratulations to the following candidates as they won their respective primaries and will vie for the Presidency in the presidential election. Election results can be found on the respective ballot pages.

2nd Hour - The Star Party - Cali H. & Megan H.

3rd Hour - American Perseverance Party - Ali P., Tyler A., & Lee P.

7th Hour - The Great Society Party - Evonna K.& Maria C.

8th Hour - The True American Party - Zach A. & Katie K.

Students will vote for tomorrow to determine who will be President and Vice President!

In preparation for tomorrow's vote, please view each parties political campaign commercial as found on Mr. Keeler's YouTube channel.

Crafting Your Political Campaign Speech

To help you write and deliver a compelling speech, please refer to outline found below.

Monroe's Motivated Sequence

Political Science - Political Party Assignment - Week of Monday, May 13, 2013

Create Your Political Party and Platform- 2016 Political Science Project

You are running for President of the United States for the 2016 election. Your job is select one other partner to run as your Vice President. You may use some of the ideas of other political parties from the past, but you must not copy a previous platform or use a previous political party's slogan. Please keep in mind that you must campaign using your real name and that you must represent your gender accurately. Your analysis must include a description of your campaign plan, including what U.S. states that you plan to campaign in to defeat the Republicans and the Democrats in 2016. Your party will not copy the Republican or Democratic parties, but instead create a party that will different and challenge them both for
the executive branch of the nation.  Refer to the rubric that outlines the general requirements of this project and their individual point totals.

Specific Requirements to Run for President and Vice President
1.) Page One = Cover page
Must include somewhere your party name and your party motto
Students can also include other illustrations, clip art, etc to add to your cover page but it must have the following information in the
Bottom Right Hand Corner Justified
Name First and Last (all members) Political Science
Political Party Project Hour#

2.) Each student in the group will write a three-minute introductory speech, to introduce your new political party. This introductory speech should describe your party's goals, party name, party motto to the class, and your campaign plan based on what states you will visit.  Include your personal background: what experiences, jobs, positions, and characteristics that you possess which will make you a great presidential candidate and or vice-presidential candidate. Provide you general vision (the big picture) of what you will do for the country and where you will lead the United States as president and vice­ president.

Requirements: two pages, single sided, double spaced, typed- for each student

3.) Write twenty (20) specific parts (statements) to your party's individual platform.
(10 statements for each student in your political party, which cannot be
The key is to list each plank of your platform and justify your reasoning in a
small paragraph.  Ask yourself why should the voters care about the specific policies and programs that you support?

For each of your political planks you must address each ofthe following three points:
A.) Describe your position on the issue (plank), tell us specifically what you
B.) Describe why you believe what you believe about your plank and provide
evidence or support for your position.
C.) Convince us that your solution or plan will be successful and why it is the
direction that nation needs to direct its attention and act on your plan.

(this portion  must  be  typed,  Size  12 font  or  smaller, single  spaced)

Requirements:  Single spaced paragraph for each of your twenty (20) individual statements with specific justification.  Each plank should be numbered #1-20 in successive order, the issue should be placed in bold text and underlined.  Issues will be justified in single spaced format with one space in between each of the numbered planks.

4.) A minimum of a 30 second and a maximum length of a 60 second commercial which will be created to promote you and your political party.  Students can positively promote their party, but also may critical of other political parties in your class I primary.  Each political commercial must be a minimum of 30 - 60 second commercial and must use some of the persuasive  techniques that were discussed in class earlier in the semester.  Each 30 - 60 second commercial must have a typed script and completed storyboard before cameras will be issued to students for filming of their commercial.  Each class will have two cameras to check out during the two week project so plan your time accordingly.

5.) Finally, conclude your presentation with a one minute plea to the voters to vote for you as president and why you are a better option than the Democrats or Republicans and or any other of the third party candidates who have presented their political party.
(this must be one page single sided, double spaced, typed page per group of two)

6.) Each two member team must split the responsibilities of running for President and Vice-President equally.  Each member of the two-member team, must speak for roughly the same time period in class to describe their platform and will be expected to answer questions from the audience during the presentation.

7.)  Party Yard  Sign
Your sign must be presented in front of the podium during your presentation and each sign must be of equal size using the exact size of the white poster board provided in class.
Your individual party sign must be colored and be attractive to the voters. Your party yard sign must be hand produced and not computer generated. Your party sign will be attached to the podium during your entire presentation.

8.)  Each student is responsible to review each of the individual platforms that are presented in class by their fellow classmates.  Each student must take notes on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the platforms presented. You will be responsible to vote on the two candidates that have the most effective platform and presentation in the primary election on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013.

9.) Each student group (third political party) is also expected to orally present their third party in a maximum seven minute presentation to their class before the primary election.  This presentation can be multimedia or using any format that your party desires, but each party must create an exciting and convincing presentation concerning why we should vote for your third political party.

Due Date:  Friday, May 31st, 2013 Start of Class!
No exceptions!

You will be expected to present your platform entirely, beginning on ______as a two-member team running for President and Vice President of the United States.

Student Names:      

Class Hour:  

Party Name: 
Party Motto/Slogan:  

(50 points) Intro. Statement (10 points) Party Name:

(10 points) Party Motto:

(100 points) Party Platform Statements (35 points) Party Sign:

(20 points)  Presentation Techniques:

(50 points) 30 second Commercial (Video):

(25 points)  Review of Each Campaign :                     

Detail Two Strengths of the Party Presentation:

Detail Two Weaknesses of the Party Presentation:


                  I  300 POINTS

Helpful links and resources

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Republican National Committee

CNN Election Center

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Election 2012 - election 2012

Wikipedia - third party candidates

U.S. News & World Report - Election 2012

Cram for the AP U.S. Government Exam on CSPAN

Every year Dan Larsen and Andrew Conneen (both from Adlai Stevenson HS in Illinois) do a great call in review show on C-SPAN.   Below is last year's review and you can view  this year's review for the exam on Saturday May 12th at 9:15 AM EST.  

Also, be sure to view some of the other video tutorials they've produced by clicking on the AP U.S. Government page tab found on the task bar above.